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Profile Scores

Explore a detailed breakdown of matched results, personalized attributes, and profile scores, including historical analytics and nuanced insights, that empower you to make data-driven decisions with unparalleled clarity and precision.

API Monitoring

Where comprehensive analytics converge to provide a dynamic view of API performance. Track key metrics, detect anomalies, and ensure seamless integration for optimal functionality and reliability.

API Response

With a real-time API outputs, you can monitor data accuracy, assess performance metrics, and ensure your API seamlessly delivers the precise information needed for informed decision-making.

Utilize advanced AI analytics to transform customer intelligence. Our solution offers decisioning in under 2 seconds and covers 99% of the adult population.

Navigate the Complete Customer Journey with Speed and Accuracy

Effortlessly integrate AI-powered insights across your customer lifecycle. Our single API solution ensures quick deployment within 10 minutes, offering precise analytics scores to help you mitigate fraud, estimate income, and reach underserved markets with inclusive financial solutions.


Secure ID & Fraud Score: Start Your Secure Customer Journey Here

Fortified Defenses:

Our solution precisely verifies individual identities and critical elements using advanced AI-powered analytics. By leveraging next-gen data analytics and identity resolution techniques, we proactively identify and neutralize risks at the start of your customer journey. 

With high confidence, we help you block fake, synthetic, or stolen identities, prevent account takeovers, and detect customers with fraudulent intentions.

Exceeding Traditional KYC Onboarding:

Our approach integrates more data sources and personalized attributes than traditional fraud solutions. We accurately assess identities, connections, and digital footprints swiftly. This comprehensive assessment spans personal attribute matching, graph database analysis, web screening, phone and email risk checks, and behavior stability verification, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Address/Email/IP Risk
  • Web Screening
  • Behavior Stability
  • Profile Linkage Analysis
  • Attribute Matching

Income Stability Score: Unlocking Financial Intelligence for Tomorrow

Assess Income Strength Efficiently:

Navigating financial uncertainties requires accurate income estimation for informed decision-making and risk management. Our Income Stability Score offers a comprehensive assessment of reported income, tax returns, and alternative financial data, providing crucial insights into borrowers’ repayment capabilities. 

Powered by advanced AI data analytics and machine learning, our Income Stability Score delivers predictive insights into the future income trends of both formal and informal workers.

Income From Multiple Sources:

By analyzing multiple income sources and patterns, this solution customizes lending products to align with customers’ financial profiles, reducing default risk and enhancing profitability. Experience a new era of financial intelligence where predictive insights drive proactive risk management and optimized lending strategies.

  • Gig Economy Income
  • Job History & Tenure
  • National Job Title Average
  • Household Income
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Actual Income
  • Social Security

Credit Trust Score: Unleashing Comprehensive Credit Insights

In today's dynamic financial landscape, accurate and fast credit evaluations are crucial for informed decision-making:

Our Credit Trust Score bridges the gaps left by traditional credit scores, especially for individuals without formal credit histories. By utilizing diverse alternative data sources, we provide a holistic view of creditworthiness, offering a comprehensive risk assessment for all demographics.

Inside Our Credit Risk Score:
  • Integrated Financial Attributes: Combines financial data, fraud risk analysis, and payment patterns. 
  • Diverse Data Sources: Includes traditional and alternative data, capturing both positive and negative payment behaviors such as utility bills, mortgages, rents, loans, collections, bureau inquiries, telco payments, and more. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Delivers robust credit risk scores for over 99% of the population, ensuring a 360-degree risk assessment.
  • Collections
  • Utility Bills
  • Credit & Retails Cards
  • Mobile Phone Payments
  • Credit Extensions
  • Rent & Mortgages
  • Loan Approval
Lifestyle & Propensity Signals

GeoLifestyle Scores: Unlock Precise Customer Insights

Leverage geographical and behavioral data for targeted marketing and enhanced customer understanding:

Our technology analyzes extensive geographical and behavioral data from millions of mobile devices. This helps predict customer behavior in areas like retail, fashion, travel, dining, sports, health, and fitness. 

By identifying high-value customer segments, we uncover hidden patterns and preferences that inform strategic decisions tailored to the unique needs of each industry.

Advanced Segmentation for Targeted Marketing:
  • Identify high-value customer segments
  • Uncover patterns shaping customer preferences
  • Analyze both online and offline behaviors 
  • Understand competitive customer dynamics for strategic insights
  • Advanced Target Marketing Segmentation
  • Precision Mapping 
  • Omni-Channel Marketing 
  • Tailored Engagement 
  • Personalized Decisioning
Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Score: Pioneering Comprehensive Financial Access with the World’s First Mega Score

Unlock higher approval rates for underbanked populations with our AI-driven Financial Inclusion Score, providing a holistic view of your customer's journey:

Our score leverages AI analytics to provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers, helping you engage with them more effectively.

Comprehensive Customer Understanding:

Traditional methods often overlook creditworthy individuals. Our mega score identifies these opportunities, ensuring inclusive financial access. By integrating AI-driven insights with behavioral analysis, we offer a personalized understanding of each customer’s financial journey.

Consumption Insights:

Utilizing advanced AI, we assess the consumption potential of underserved populations. This helps identify profiles with positive payment behavior and low fraud risk, providing valuable insights for targeting underbanked citizens.

  • Inclusive Financial Services 
  • Onboard New Customers 
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities 
  • Credit Trust Score 
  • Income Stability Score 
  • Propensity to Consume More 
  • Secure ID & Fraud Score

Unlock Financial Inclusion with Advanced AI Analytics. Our solution provides comprehensive insights to enhance credit access and decision-making for underserved populations.