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Financial Inclusion Score

Discover the World’s First Financial Inclusion Score: Revolutionizing Credit Scoring in Emerging Markets

Our Financial Inclusion Score sets a new standard in inclusive finance, covering 98.8% of adults and evaluating hundreds of personalized attributes and behavioral analytics.

Advanced Precision

Using cutting-edge algorithms and graph database analysis, our score provides a comprehensive view of each customer, enabling precise identity resolution, proactive fraud prevention, and deep income stability insights.

Secure and Reliable 

Minimize vulnerabilities and uncover hidden risks with advanced fraud-mitigating algorithms. Identify creditworthy borrowers through rich alternative financial data and pattern detection.

Unlock Hidden Potential

Reach ideal customers often overlooked by traditional banks, offering them financial opportunities they deserve.

Transform Credit Evaluation

Empower your business with AI-driven insights, ensuring no safe, creditworthy customer is left behind. Embrace the future of credit scoring and financial inclusion with our solution.

Fortified Defenses
Secure ID & Fraud Score:
Defend against modern and sophisticated fraud threats at every check point with cutting-edge, risk mitigating algorithms
Assess Income Strength
Income Stability Score:
Leverage groundbreaking stability metrics for an accurate assessment of each customer’s financial status
Gauging Credit Risk
Credit Trust Score:
Minimize vulnerabilities, uncover hidden risks, and identify creditworthy borrowers through rich alternative financial attributes and advanced pattern detection
Lifestyle Trends
GeoLifestyle Scores:
Harness high-value propensity scores that go beyond traditional demographics to predict customer preferences and behaviors for targeted marketing strategies
Consumption Propensity
Financial Inclusion Score:
Gain insights into the untapped potential of underserved yet creditworthy customers, promoting financial inclusion while mitigating risks
Fortified Defenses
Assess Income Strength
Gauging Credit Risk
Lifestyle Trends
Consumption Propensity
Secure ID & Fraud Score

Next-Level Fraud Defenses: Advanced Safeguards for Seamless Onboarding

Are you ready to block 99% of synthetic identity fraud attempts and account takeovers?

Ensuring a secure environment requires constant vigilance and adaptation to evolving fraud techniques. Our Secure ID & Fraud Score achieves this by leveraging advanced AI and data analysis techniques. It enhances security through rigorous name and attribute matching, detailed profile linkage analysis, web screening, and validation of IP/phone/email data. These capabilities provide robust defense against both known and emerging fraud threats. In scenarios where conventional methods may fall short, our solution offers reliable protection, safeguarding your operations against evolving risks.

Account Takeover
Synthetic ID
Stolen Identity
No Intent to Pay
Onboarding / KYC
Income Stability Score

Confidently evaluate and verify 97.7% of formal and informal
incomes to strengthen your credit decisioning strategies

Is your current approach overlooking critical income stability metrics, leaving gaps in your customer insights? Discover how our Income Stability Score provides a deeper level of AI analytics, identifying stable customer incomes and mitigating income-related risks with precision.

Tax Records
Average Job-Type Salaries
We Meticulously
Calculate Income Stability
by Factoring
Spousal Income
Job History
Head of Household Income
Company Association
Credit Trust Score

Deploy supercharged pattern detection with alternative data insights that surpass traditional scoring models

Is your credit assessment overlooking crucial alternative financial attributes?

Discover a new level of trust with our Credit Trust Score. This advanced analysis dives deep into financial indicators, helping lenders confidently identify creditworthy borrowers, even those with limited traditional credit history.

By harnessing sophisticated analytics and tapping into diverse alternative data sources, we enhance your credit assessment process. This means more opportunities for you to access credit, tailored to a broader spectrum of customers.

GeoLifestyle Scores

Next generation geo-behavioral customer blueprints for targeted strategies

Optimize customer engagement through precise AI-driven insights.

In today’s dynamic market landscape, gaining a deep understanding of your customers goes beyond surface-level demographics. It involves decoding their intricate mix of trends, lifestyles, geographical locations, and evolving behaviors.

Our GeoLifestyle Scores leverage advanced AI algorithms to unearth actionable insights. These insights empower you to anticipate customer preferences, tailor personalized experiences, and refine engagement strategies in real-time, ensuring meaningful interactions that resonate throughout their journey.

Cross-channel mapping of the customer journey

Gain comprehensive insights into customer interactions across online and offline channels to understand how customers engage with brands throughout the entire journey.

High-value customer and prospect segmentation

Tailor marketing strategies, product offerings, and customer experiences to effectively target your most valuable audience segments.

Hidden patterns/preferences shaping customer choices

Uncover hidden patterns and preferences shaping customer choices with deep insights into customer behavior to inform adaptable strategies and drive greater satisfaction and loyalty.

On/offline behavior analysis of customer interactions

Leverage insights into the dynamic transition between digital and physical touchpoints to optimize omnichannel strategies and deliver seamless experiences.

Competitive customer behavior and brand propensity

Benchmark marketing performance against competitors and identify opportunities for differentiation by analyzing customer preferences and brand affinity.

Next generation geo-behavioral customer blueprints for targeted strategies

Complex, high-value
AI customer analytics, simplified

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of the customer journey with our one-stop, multi dimensional solution.