October 05, 2023

FICO and Belvo’s Partners: Complete Solution or Just a Piece of the Financial Inclusion puzzle?

FICO and Belvo’s Partners: Complete Solution or Just a Piece of the Financial Inclusion puzzle?

The world of finance is evolving rapidly. With technology and data analytics at the forefront, financial institutions are more empowered than ever to cater to consumers. In this context, the collaboration between FICO and Belvo in Brazil presents a fascinating progression. Their joint venture will birth the “Belvo Open Finance Score,” a state-of-the-art machine learning model developed with FICO’s pioneering AI techniques.


This initiative is certainly a leap towards democratizing credit access and promises a more bespoke financial service for consumers.


Albert Morales from Belvo has pointed out the seismic shifts in consumer behavior in the post-pandemic world, stressing the wealth of insights open finance data can provide. Alexandre Graff from FICO mirrored this sentiment, mentioning the transformative potential of open finance data, particularly highlighting its success in Europe.


However, one can’t help but ponder, is open finance data the ultimate solution for Brazil’s financial challenges, particularly for its underbanked demographic?

The Depth and Breadth of 1datapipe’s Living Identity Solution


Brazil, with its rich diversity, presents a unique financial landscape. A significant part of its population remains on the fringes of the banking world, either underserved or entirely unbanked. While FICO and Belvo’s alliance dives into open finance data, it might skim the surface of the profound needs of this vast group.


Enter 1datapipe’s “Living Identity” solution. It doesn’t just scratch the surface; it delves deep. Offering insights from over 387+ unique data attributes of a customer’s profile, it captures the pulse of consumers’ financial lives, painting a holistic picture.

Enhancing Financial Inclusion with Precision


Financial inclusion is a multifaceted concept. It’s not just about creating access; it’s about ensuring relevance, sustainability, and inclusivity. Here’s how 1datapipe’s solution can truly revolutionize Brazil’s financial inclusion narrative:

  • Customized Financial Products: With granular insights into consumers’ financial behaviors and aspirations, lenders can create products that resonate. It’s not just about offering a loan; it’s about offering a loan that fits, addressing the unique needs of the underbanked.

  • Refined Risk Assessments: The broader and deeper data profile means better-informed decisions. Institutions can identify potential red flags or promising opportunities, ensuring a more balanced and healthier portfolio.

  • Discovering New Revenue Avenues: The underbanked represents not just a social responsibility but a significant market potential. With the right insights and products, this segment can be transformed into a lucrative customer base, opening new revenue channels for banks and fintechs.

Seizing the First-Mover Edge


The financial landscape is ripe with opportunities, but it’s also riddled with competition. Those who move first, equipped with the right tools, stand to gain the most. By integrating 1datapipe’s comprehensive solution, institutions can position themselves as genuine champions of financial inclusion.


But it’s not just about business. It’s about positive disruption, about creating systems that are equitable and empowering. It’s about ensuring that the financial world isn’t just an exclusive club but a universal platform.

Tying It All Together: The Holistic Financial Ecosystem


In closing, while FICO and Belvo’s partnership is undoubtedly a commendable step towards financial inclusivity, it represents just a piece of the puzzle. The true transformation will come when institutions leverage comprehensive data-driven insights, such as those provided by 1datapipe, to serve consumers.


For Brazil, the potential is vast. As one of the world’s most vibrant economies, it stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. With initiatives like 1datapipe’s Living Identity solution, Brazil can usher in a new era of financial inclusion, where every individual, regardless of their background, can access and benefit from the financial world.


The onus now lies with the country’s financial institutions. Will they settle for incremental changes, or will they embrace comprehensive solutions to truly revolutionize the financial landscape? Those ready to lead the charge and make transformative strides in financial inclusion can turn to tools like 1datapipe’s solution. To learn more and be at the forefront of this shift, reach out to the team at 1datapipe today.